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This work was supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant 62031009, in part by Alibaba Innovative Research (AIR) Program, in part by the Fudan University-CIOMP Joint Fund(FC2019-001), in part by the Fudan-ZTE Joint Lab, in part by Pioneering Project of Academy for Engineering and Technology Fudan University(gyy2021-001), in part by CCF-Alibaba Innovative Research Fund For Young Scholars.

1. ZTE, State Key Laboratory of Mobile Network and Mobile Multimedia Technology,ZTE Corporation,P.R.China,518057.
3. ALI


Call for Paper

IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems - CALL FOR PAPERS - Special Issue on Customized Sub-Systems and Circuits for Deep Learning


Conference Name Location Submission Deadline Date of Conference
VLSI Symposia Honolulu 2018-1-29 2018-6-18~22
ICIP Athens 2018-2-7 2018-10-7~10
SIGGRAPH Vancover 2018-1-23 2018-8-12~16
ICCV - March October
ECCV Munich 2018-3-14 2018-9-8~14
EUSIPCO Rome 2018-2-18 2018-9-3~7
Virtual Reality - Sep. March
ACM MM Mountain View 2017-4-20 2017-10-23~27
ESSCIRC Finland 2011-4-11 2011-9-12~16
VLSI-SoC Abu Dhabi 2017-5-1 2017-10-23~25
ICCD - 2011-5-6/16 2011-10-9~12
SIGGRAPH Asia - 2017-5-23 2017-11-27~30
PCS San Francisco 2018-1-10 2018-6-24~27
A-SSCC Korea 2011-6-7 2011-11-14~16
ESTIMedia Canada 2013-6-16 2013-10-3~4
PSIVT Wuhan 2017-7-28 2017-11-20~24
ICCE Las Vegas 2017-7-31 2018-1-12~14
MMM Bangkok 2017-9-15 2018-2-5~8
ASP-DAC Jeju 2017-7-7 2018-1-22~25
PCM Harbin 2017-5-31 2017-9-28~29
ISSCC San Francisco 2017-7-1 2018-2-11~15
DATE Dresden 2017-9-10 2018-3-19~23
IEEE VR - September March
ISCAS Florence 2017-10-16 2018-5-27~30
ICASSP Seoul 2017-10-27 2018-4-22~27
CVPR Salt Lake City 2017-11-15 2018-6-18~22
ICME San Diego 2017-11-24 2018-7-23~27
DAC San Francisco 2017-11-14 2018-6-24~28
GLSVLSI France 2012-12-15 2013-5-2~4


Journal Name Issue Submission Deadline Topic
Special: VLSI Design and CAD Algorithms Special EA 2012-3-15 VLSI
IEICE Special Section
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society
IEEE Signal Processing Society
IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society
IEEE Computer Society
Electronics Letters
IET journals
The Journal of Engineering
ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications
ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems
PAMI:IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
IJCV:International Journal of Computer Vision
Elsevier Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
Springer Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing