Several methods of single image defogging

1. <<single image haze removal using dark channel prior>> Kaiming He, Jian Sun, Xiaoou Tang, CVPR 2009.

基于暗通道prior的去雾方法,之后的很多方法是以此为基础的改进, 比如:

<<Guided Image Filtering>> Kaiming He, Jian Sun, Xiaoou Tang, Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on, 2012. 速度更快,效果相同

<<Single image haze removal using content-adaptive dark channel and post enhancement>> Bo Li, Shuhang Wang, Jin Zheng, Liping Zheng. 将双边滤波与暗通道方法结合

2. <<Fast Visibility Restoration from a Single Color or Gray Level Image>> Tarel, ICCV 2009. Median filtering.

3. <<Fast Image dehazing Using guided Joint Bilateral Filter>> Chunxia Xiao, Jiajia Gan. 方法、流程与Tarel的paper相同,但是用lilateral filtering代替了median filtering.

4. <<Efficient Image Dehazing with Boundary Constraint and Contextual Regularization>> ICCV 2013.

5. <<Single Image Dehazing>> Fattal, 2008.

6. <<Visibility in Bad Weather from a Single Image>> Tan, 2008. 提高对比度。


<<Markov Random Field Model for Single Image Defogging>> CSVT 2013.

<<Single Image Defogging by Multiscale Depth Fusion>> IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2014.